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I paint out of a sense of inner necessity, rather than for recognition or commercial success. I begun my art career painting what I liked, modern, pop and expressionism, then it happened! I sold a painting. I started painting what people wanted me to paint like pretty landscapes, realistic portraits and seascapes and I sold more, but I became a factory producing art for the masses. I hated it and stopped painting for two years. When I was 29, I signed up for a one night a week art class, just for fun, but this time I made a promise that I would only do the type of work that made me happy. Then things started happening for me and I was recognized for my work.

This is a painting of the side yard of our home, when we had a foot of snow on the ground. The exercise of bringing color and life to a cold winter scene was fun. Post Impressionist Artists: Paul Signac, and Vincent Van Gogh influenced this work. The thick brush strokes and free flowing style brings to life a dormant landscape and the use of strong color gives soft animation to hidden life.




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Acrylic on Canvas 36 x 48 (92cm x 122cm)

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