Patrick Otis Cox


“With my art I hope to convey that life’s conflicting opposites of love and pain, developed and

undeveloped and light and dark is the reality of our existence”.




1955           Born in Louisville, Kentucky, on St. Patrick’s Day


1963           8 years old: First Place Award at the Junior League Art Show, Kentucky State Fair


1974           Studied at the Center for the Arts, Bellarmine College, Louisville, Kentucky


1988           Studied at the Fine Arts Department, University of Central Florida


2001           Studied at the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, China


Exhibitions (selection)

2006                      Le Coffee Salon Gallery, Solo Exhibition “City”, Hatboro, Pennsylvania

Salon on Main Street, Group Exhibition, Hatboro, Pennsylvania

La Maison du Maroc Gallery, Solo Exhibition “Global Vision”, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

 Art Goes to School: Oils, Acrylics, Watercolor, Photography and Pottery Show. Abington, Pennsylvania

Lady on the Street, Second Place: Acrylics

Mei Shu Xie Hui Gallery, group exhibition, Da Lian, China

2005           Built Gallery “The China Series” solo exhibition, New York City (Soho)

2004           Stuart Museum of Art, “Contemporary Form” group exhibition, Stuart, Florida

Garp gallery, “Celebrating Downtown” group exhibition, Orlando, Florida. Awarded Best of Show

2003                      Travel New York, documentary on galleries, artists, group exhibition, New York, NY

2002           Oval gallery, group exhibition, Orlando, Florida

2001           Artists of Beijing, documentary, group exhibition, Beijing, China Broadcast on the UPN Network

Beijing Academy of Art, group exhibition, Beijing, China

Oval gallery, “Modern Impressionism” solo exhibition, Orlando, Florida

                  Lisson South Beach Gallery, “Hot Summer Nights” group exhibition, South Beach, Miami

2000           Roxy’s Club and Gallery, “Night Life” solo exhibition, Orlando, Florida.

Cocoa Art Exhibition, group exhibition, Cocoa, Florida. Awarded Best of Category

1998           Banana Cabana gallery, “South Beach” group exhibition, South Beach, Miami

                  Altamonte Springs Gallery, “Impressionism” group exhibition, Orlando, Miami

1997           Cleveland Film Festival, “Film and Art” group exhibition, Cleveland, Ohio

Theatre Downtown, solo exhibition, Orlando, Florida

1996           The Grossman Exhibition, group exhibition, Cocoa, Florida

1995           Edward Cross Gallery, solo exhibition, South Beach, Miami

1994           Bernard Goldstein Gallery, group exhibition, Miami, Florida

1993           Maitland Art Center, group exhibition, Maitland, Florida

1992           Daytona Beach Gallery, “Expressionism” group exhibition, Daytona Beach

1989           Whispering Winds Gallery solo exhibition, Mount Dora, Florida

1987           De Meuron Gallery, group exhibition, Jacksonville, Florida

1986           Maitland Art Museum group exhibition, Maitland, Florida

1985           Melbourne Museum of Art, group exhibition, Melbourne, Florida

1984           Eitharong Gallery  "But . . . Is It Art?" group exhibition, Orlando, Florida

1983                      Cocoa Art Festival, group exhibition, Cocoa, Florida, Best of Category

1982           Brevard Community College, group exhibition, Cocoa, Florida

1981           Mathew Simmons Gallery, solo exhibition, Titusville, Florida

1979           Brevard Community College, group exhibition, Cocoa, Florida

1978           Cocoa Theatre for the Arts, group exhibition, Cocoa, Florida

1977           Brevard Community College, group exhibition, Cocoa, Florida

1976           Bellarmine College, group exhibition, Louisville, Kentucky

1975           Edwynn Knoedler Gallery, group exhibition, Louisville, Kentucky

1975           Bellarmine College, solo exhibition, Louisville, Kentucky

1974                      Bardstown Gallery, solo exhibition, Louisville, Kentucky

1963           Junior League Art Show, First Place Award at the Kentucky State Fair






In my mid twenties I saw a vision of where I want my work to go. It is an abstract view of how the emotional inside can be seen on the outside with the use of color and technique. That is why I love French Impressionism. They started the modern movement of showing the breath of life through their work. Life is so much more than just what we see. Inside we all have rushing feelings of love, hate, happiness, pain, and so much more. It is the responsibility of artist to put those feelings on canvas. An example of this is how the inside stirring caused by heartbreak can actually make us feel a live and somehow better.