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Patrick Otis Cox



Wondering in New York


This painting is of my wife Liu Yin in New York City waiting for her hot chocolate at Starbucks. We were walking all around the city and we were very tired. The expression and tone of this work demonstrates how the city can drain your energy. Because of my life in the real world, I fell in love with the post impressionist artists, like Paul Ceyzon, Paul Signac who lived around the corner to Gearge Seurat in Paris.

Vincent Van Gogh joined them when he moved from Holland in 1886. They painted on the out skirts of Paris and painted the struggle between the working class and the industrial world. I saw the connection with nature and civilization in their work.

The work is Post Modern Impressionism and the painting technique brings out the subdued style and colorful palette of large city living with the acid green background.


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Wondering in New York

Acrylic on Canvas 46 x 62 (117cm x 158cm) Purchase $2,600 Click here to Purchase