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Patrick Otis Cox

At the Summer Palace, Beijing, China

运输者  The Transporter

This is a typical scene in downtown Beijing, China. Otis, “I was there in 2001 and loved every minute of my trip. The simple life of the Transporter is in contrast with Beijing, which is growing and changing by the minute. For example, during the time I was there, the number of cell phones in China surpassed the United States”.

The style is Post Modern / Impressionism. The spirited use of color reflects the energetic feel of the city. The use of one point perspective gives the composition structure and contrast with the traffic on the left and the parked bicycles on the right.

运输者  The Transporter

Acrylic on Canvas 40” x 56” (100 x 142cm) Purchase $3,300   Click here to Purchase


Left: modern cars are a great contrast

to the man delivering vegetables on a busy 4 lane highway.


Right: an important means of personal transportation, in a society that is quickly changing to gasoline powered vehicles.


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