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Patrick Otis Cox

统治阶层   The Ruling Class


This is a painting of a Noble Man during the Tang Dynasty (seventh century) in China. Patrick, “I visited China and did a series of works their. They believe the present and the past must work together and China’s past was a class system. I want western people to understand the disparities are not always in our favor. The Chinese are much better at many things than we are and would probably be the number one country in the world if not for it’s being closed off to the world for so long. Generally, western people are extroverts and the Asians are introverts. The Chinese tend to think before doing and Americans do before thinking, like President George Bush. Don’t misunderstand me. I believe we are at the cutting edge of everything new, due to our western individualism. We have a few people who are brilliant due to the freedoms we enjoy in this country. If someone lacks in one area they can compensate in another, like improving their minds. But I know we can learn from the Asians. A couple of things are self-discipline and respect for parents.” Respect is expected and can be seen in this man’s strength of character. The magical quality of Ancient China is also present with the vivid array of color and greatly varied intensity of light, shade and shadow.

The work is in the Post Impressionist style with a slant to the Japanese style of composition.





统治阶层   The Ruling Class

Acrylic on Canvas 42” x 54” (107cm x 135cm)

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