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Your letters and miscellaneous writings

Hello Otis


Thank you for your first Newsletter. Since years ago I had an idea like this but it was not successful. So I wish you get a better forum for us artists. Your sites are looking good. For a German like me it’s nice to read the name DER BLAUE REITER. Last year we were in a BLAUER REITER exhibition here in Cologne. There we have seen the fantastic paintings from the Munich Lenbach house of the artist group with Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, Gabriele Münter, August Macke, Alexej Jawlensky and so far. To see the originals like the TIGER by Marc was a great moment. Hope your site is the beginning of an new international artist group. I’m with you.


Best regards, Ingo

Ingo Karwath

50 969 Cologne

Kröver Str. 12




FAB and informative website, just what we need! I will bookmark your site and keep up!

Many thanks,

Lucia Stewart,




Why, this is pretty cool.  You are doing a nice job with very attractive art.

Attached is one of my digitally edited 3-D photos  for your March issue.  It is entitled   "Golden Babes".   I took the original photo  at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pa. 


Emily A. Reed, Ph.D.





First of all, what is "Blaue"?  The newsletter was well written and of interest to me.  I can't say I understood it all -- I don't think the way you do.  I hope you get some response.  I know it will be disappointing to not get any responses.  I wish you well.





Hi Otis..


Thanks for the invitation.. haven't had time to absorbe the edition as yet, so I'll come back to you on that later.

What about including the book cover:

I could probably get the editor to write a short piece to go with the artwork, for your March edition..

Alternatively, have a look at my artwanted portfolio and let me know if there's any specific work you'd like to include..


Be Well..




hi patrick, thank you for your kind interest, i can send which one of my

artwork you want for march issue. you can choose at my site and let me know.


serdar camlica




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Hi Patrick,


I had a quick look at that. It looks very interesting. Will take another

look later.

In the mean time, I have posted your e-mail on my forums at:








The Summer Palace (1 of 3 works)

By Patrick Otis Cox