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Patrick Otis Cox



This is a painting of a bird flying in the rain. I love this because; it reminds me that no matter how will I do, it always rains on me. Life is so much more than just what we see. Inside we all have rushing feelings of love, hate, happiness, pain, and so much more. It is the responsibility of artist to put those feelings on canvas. An example of this paradox, is how the inside painful stirrings caused by heartbreak can actually make us feel a live and somehow better. Art can and should express these emotions. The dramatic use of light and shadow defines the motion required to soar in the sky. This painting has a Post Impressionism style with the bold vigorous strokes in the direction flight. The thin washed oils, in the background, give the impression of rain.






Oil on Canvas 20 x 30 (51cm x 76cm) Purchase $4,800 Click here to Purchase

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