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Patrick Otis Cox


Dragon   The Great Wall

Patrick Otis Cox, “This is a painting of the Great Wall in China. It’s from a photograph I took after climbing to the top (which was like a 30 story building). There is a traditional story about the Great Wall. A young woman called Meng Jiangnü got married. Shortly after her marriage, her husband was forced to work on the Great Wall. She worried that he would suffer from the cold and began to make a padded cotton jacket. After it was done, she began the long walk from her home in the south to the site of the Great Wall in the north. When she got there and finally found the other men from her village, she was told that her husband had died. She went to the wall and began to cry so loud that 20 li of the wall collapsed and in the pit at the center, she found the body of her husband. Meng Jinagnü threw herself into the sea to join her husband. It’s not hard to understand that in ancient times it was difficult to build the Great Wall. Many people died and many hearts were broken. The Wall was built with tears and blood. That story is why I made the wall so harsh looking.The use of light and shadow causing the wall to stand out and the use of heavy blues and reds to show the harsh landscape of the mountain side was done to show the division of the front of the wall, behind the wall and the mountains in the background. This also shows how the Chinese wanted the uncivilized Mongols to stay away.

This painting has a Post Impressionism style with the bold vigorous color and brush strokes.






Dragon    The Great Wall

Acrylic on Canvas 48” x 53” (122cm x 132cm)

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