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With the help of grants, donations, and the sale of his work, Patrick Otis Cox has been creating art and motion pictures for more than forty-two years. The mission has been to improve cultural relationships by learning about diverse people through art. Art is a direct reflection of society and by viewing the humanity of the people through their art, we gain a deeper understanding of why different cultures are dissimilar and at the same time, how we are the same. We have provided consistent service at various levels to artists from China to New York and all walks of life by permitting the world to view the artistís works through motion pictures. This is all done free of charge to the artist we feature in our documentaries.

Over the years, we have consistently attempted to improve the availability of our services, and we fully intend to continue doing so. However, this requires considerable financial resources. You can help us in our efforts by becoming a sponsor and making a donation in any amount to the Studios of Patrick Otis Cox. In return, we promise that your financial assistance will be used in the continuous effort to develop, upgrade, and enrich the world.

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