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Text Box:  “Qudrat Qirdaar … and then the brush moved”  

Geeta Vadhera


“Some experiences leave behind impressions within me, which connect me with my own nature.   I believe that the character of Nature – Qudrat - around, and nature within the Character – Qirdaar - keeps appearing, diffusing and dissolving in one another. Perhaps this is what defines them. Perhaps here is their sanctity – in the purity of their relationship. In some sights I feel sometimes that every moment is like a frame in itself. 


So, suddenly one morning, the balcony became a frame for me where the bird was fluttering. I saw in that flutter a dialogue of the bird with Time itself. It pulled me, invited me to look within myself and I could see the flutter of my own struggles with Time . 


Each of these tall canvases is a reflection of one such tall moment. May that be the soulful figure being cleansed with the pure white spread of morning rays as she goes about cleaning the wheat – the benign side of nature. Or Be it two platforms from where the friends clasp on and choose to Be. In defiance of the large walls surrounding them.  The violent side of nature.


In all cases, the acceptance or defiance of nature revealing more and more of their character within.


So many short, untold stories, clipped from the long streets.  Pregnant moments from everyday nature revealing so much about my character to myself.  So complete – so available – and yet so discreetly hidden. It took the poet within me to reveal the divinity behind these moments. 


The Revelation which kept knocking on my door is almost in free verse, like a Sufi couplet providing sublime insights from a simple homespun yet manifest object.  The knock came in and embraced my canvas. And the canvas became a painting.


I feel each of these moments flowing in, around and within me and my paintings. I saw them, felt them in my pale, open palm. I inhaled the moment. Saw my fingers turn saffron. And then the brush moved... “


-         Geeta Vadhera




Qudrat Qirdaar,  and then the brush moved is an exhibition of paintings by Geeta Vadhera.


Dates : 6-13 March 2006

Venue : The AC Gallery, Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai


Qudrat Qirdaar is Geeta Vadhera’s 33rd Exhibition of paintings.