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Patrick Otis Cox 


     Beijing Art Academy

Capital Teacher Training University Art Academy, Beijing


Patrick Otis Cox, “I wanted this painting to show the energy of this college campus. I interviewed several great Chinese Artist for my documentary Artists of Beijing at a group exhibition at this Academy, including Pan Ying and Ding Li Ren, also I attended and documented an Art Critic / Artists symposium. After seeing the great works and listening to the Artists and Art Critics speak of the struggle to maintain the traditional while moving into the modern, I found the whole experience enlightening.”


The intensity of this work is similar to Edvard Munch’s style of post impressionism with the bold vigorous color and brush strokes. The curved lines integrate the two figures into the landscape of trees and red background. They add rhythm and motion.


College students are at the cutting edge of changes and those changes taking place today are very important. With China opening up to the world market place, in many ways the country is changing from traditional eastern way of life to the a western style. Expressionism demonstrates the fiery study of existence. Why here and why now?


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  Beijing Art Academy

Acrylic on Canvas 44” x 60” (122cm x 132cm)

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